Top 5 Highest Goal-Scorer for Nepal in FIFA International Matches

Football has been one of the most followed sports in the world and also in Nepal. In 1951, the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) was founded, and this saw the formation of the Nepal national football team. Y.B Ghale is the first Nepali player to score an International goal in a FIFA recognized match. He has scored the goal against Kuwait in 1982 Asian Games.

Since then, many players added goals in their tally. Here, we present you the top 5 highest goal-scorer for Nepal in FIFA International matches.

#5 Nawayug Shrestha 

Nawayug Shrestha came in spotlight when he was the main man during Nepal’s treble in a year in 2016. In that year, Nepal won Bangabandhu Gold Cup, AFC Solidarity Cup and secured gold medal in the South Asian Games. During all these three tournaments, Nawayug Shrestha was the main man. He has scored 6 internationals goals and has won 26 caps. He is also the fifth Nepali player to score a hatrick in an International match.

#4 Bimal Gharti Magar

The youngest Nepali player to score an International goal, Bimal Gharti Magar (22 years-old) is among the top 5 highest goal scorer of Nepal. Magar has made his international debut back in 2012 and since then he has stood himself as one of the lethal striker of Nepal, having already get European exposure as well. He has scored 8 goals and has completed 33 caps. He has scored his first goal against Pakistan in SAFF Championship at the age of 15.


#3 Bharat Khawas

One of the most hard-working player of Nepal, Bharat Khawas is in the fourth position of the list. The ANFA Academy porduct Khawas has scored 10 international goals. Currently playing as the skipper of Tribhuwan Army Club, Khawas has turned himself from a mid-fielder to a lethal striker. Khawas has been the regular player of the Nepali National team since 2008. Among his 10 goals, the one against the mighty Jordan at Dashrath Stadium brings goosebumps. That goal had help Nepal to held Jordan to a 1-1 score. Bharat Khawas has already won 53 caps for the National team.

#3 Anil Gurung

The fans favorite, Anil Gurung is the third position along with Bharat Khawas with 10 international goals. The famous no. 10, Anil Gurung serves as the skipper of the National team as well before announcing his retirement. Gurung played as the National player from 2007 to 2017. He has also won 53 International caps. Among his many goals, the one against arch rival India at Dashrath Stadium, which has helped Nepal to register the first win against India is unforgettable. The Stadium has erupted during that 2-1 win over India in the SAFF Championship 2013.

#2 Jumanu Rai

Jumanu Rai, the another fans favorite is second among the list. The Anil-Jumanu pair as the Nepal’s forward line is all time best and the favorite one. These pair has 21 goals between them. The jersey no. 11 has scored 11 international goals, making him the second highest goal scorer of Nepal. Jumanu Rai is yet to announce his official retirement but has been already out from the National stadium. However, he is still serving as the skipper of Nepal Police Club, making his comeback after around a year. Rai is also among the goal-scorer that has defeated India for the first time. His celebration from that match is still a famous among Nepali fans.

#1 Hari Khadka and Nirajan Raymajhi

It is unfortunate to say the the highest goal scored by a Nepali player in FIFA International matches is only 13 goals. It is the number of goals, which few players scored in a single tournaments. Hari Khadka and Nirajan Raymajhi are still the highest goal scorer of Nepal with 13 goals each. Nirajan Raymajhi played from 2002 to 2010 and also had scored a hatrick in FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

On the other hand, Hari Khadka played from 1996 to 2005 for the national team. He is now working as the coach of National Women’s team. He has also worked as coach in foreign league as well. Khadka has won 41 caps for the national team.


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