Top 10 Highest Run Scorer from Nepal in 2019

Nepal played total of 20 T20 Internationals in the year 2019. Among which, Nepal won 12 and lost the 7 others. One of the match was called off due to rain. Karan KC became the only player to play all those 19 matches. His bowling and batting performance had provided Nepal wins in several occasions.

In all those 19 matches, 7 half-centuries and 2 centuries were made among which 3 half-centuries and a century belongs to the former skipper Paras Khadka. In those 50s and 100s, two records were maintained. Sundeep Jora became the youngest batsman to score a half-century in T20I. Similarly, Paras Khadka became the only skipper to score a century while chasing the target.

Here, we have brought you the top 10 list of the highest run scorer of Nepal in the year 2019 in T20 Internationals.

10. Rohit Kumar Poudel

Rohit Kumar Poudel is at the tenth position of the list. Poudel is regarded as the future of Nepali cricket. At the very young age, he had proved his worth in the national team. In 2019, Poudel batted 10 innings and had made 80 runs. This is not the stats Nepal fans wanted. His performance in mid 2019 started degrading. He is a played of great caliber.

Rohit Kumar Poudel

9. Sandeep Jora

The record making batsman Sandeep Jora is in the ninth position in the list. He had made total of 101 runs in just 6 matches at the strike rate of 121.68. He made debut in the match against UAE and fired with record breaking 53 runs.

Sandeep Jora

8. Sarad Veswakar

The year 2019 wasn’t that much fruitful to Nepal’s one of the finest batsman Sarad Veswakar. He missed majority of the Nepal’s T20Is due to several reasons. However, in the matches he played, he had given his 100%. In 6 matches played, Veswakar had made 111 runs with the strike rate of 106.73. His highest score was 40 runs.

Sarad Veswakar

7. Sompal Kami

The bowler turned all-rounder Sompal Kami is among the top 10 highest run scorers. Kami had established himself as full time all-rounder in the team with his impressive bowling as well as batting. Kami had made 113 runs in the 12 innings he batted. His strike rate was 115.30 with best score of the year of 27.

Sompal Kami

6. Karan KC

Another bowler turned all-rounder Karan KC is at the sixth position of the run scorers. KC had played in all the 19 matches that Nepal played in 2019 and batted in 12 innings. His phenomenal strike rate of 152.72 had made him one of the finest Nepali batsman in 2019. He had made 168 runs in 2019. He entered as a fast bowler in 2019 and finished off the 2019 transferring himself into a all-rounder.

Karan KC

5. Aarif Sheikh

Another young batsman Aarif Sheikh is in the fifth position of the list. He played 10 matches and scored 194 runs at the strike rate of 107.18. His highest score of the year in 39 runs.

Aarif Sheikh

4. Binod Bhandari

The hard-hitter batsman Binod Bhandari had finished at the 4th position. He is much anticipated batsman in the Nepali team. He is also sometimes called the ‘Chris Gayle’ of Nepali team. However, he is yet to perform as per the expectation of the Nepali fans. He had played 17 matches and batted in 13 innings. He had made 261 runs which includes two half-centuries. He had made 51 runs in just 25 balls in the match against Malaysia. His strike rate was 123.69.

Binod Bhandari

3. Dipendra Singh Airee

The newly appointed vice-captain of the national team Dipendra Singh Airee is taken as the successor of Paras Khadka. Everyone has high hopes on him and he had not left any stone unturned to prove his worth. He had batted in 16 innings and had made 287 runs. With the strike rate of 110.38, Airee’s highest run scored in a match was 47 runs not out.

Dipendra Singh Airee

2. Gyanendra Malla

The skipper of the national team Gyanendra Malla is in second position in the list. Despite his criticism all over the year, Malla silenced some of his critics at the end of the year during the South Asia Games. He smashed a century against Bhutan in the SAG games. Though Bhutan is comparatively a very weak team, Malla gains back his confident from that century. He made total of 319 runs in 2019 at the strike rate of 139.30. He was also chosen as the best batsman in South Asian Games.

Gyanendra Malla

1. Paras Khadka

The number one position doubtfully goes to our former skipper Paras Khadka. We can call his as the best player of the decade for Nepali cricket team. Khadka is the highest run scorer for Nepal in the year 2019 with a massive 541 runs with an impressive strike rate of 145.82. Similarly, Khadka is also the seventh highest run scorer around the world in 2019. Khadka’s impressive run in 2019 included 3 half-centuries and a century.

Khadka made the century against Singapore in a tri-series played in Singapore. Similarly, he made 57 against Bhutan, 68 against Kuwait and 86 runs against Malaysia.

Paras Khadka

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