The “12th Man” in Nepali Cricket Team !

Nepali fans have been so passionate that most of the sport personality visiting Nepal never gets tired of praising them. For the perfect example, we can have a look in recently concluded ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup League 2 2019 (Tri-Series).  Nepal lost two matches and won two but Nepali fans won heart from all three teams. The USA lost their all four matches but they didn’t return home empty hands. They took away a lot of love and respect from the Nepali fans.

Playing their first ever one day internationals, both, Nepali teams and Nepali fans were much more excited for that. The TU Cricket Ground saw the crowd for National Team almost after 4 years. Unfortunately Nepal lost the match. Nepal lost to Oman by 18 runs. For that, the Oman’s batsman Mohammad Nadeem had made an unbeaten 69 runs.  On completing his half-century, all the fans in the TU Ground stood upon their foot and applause his half-century. After the match, Nadeem termed Nepali fans as one of the best in the world.

Oman’s Nadeem acknowledging the Nepali Crowd.

Similarly, the similar incident continues in other matches as well. The other Omani all-rounder Aqib Ilyas was among the list of players who praised Nepali fans a lot. He was very impressed by Nepali fans and their support. Therefore, he wishes to come back to Nepal and play the leagues here.

Not only Aqib Ilyas, the whole Omani team and also the USA team were surprised to see the gesture of Nepali fans. The players from both teams enjoyed time with Nepali fans during the match. Few of the players acknowledge the crowd and had fun with them as well. The USA’s Cameron Stevenson was cheering the Nepali fans in return of their cheer.

We can merely see the fans applauding the opponent. The same this happens when any team comes to play in Nepal. In the tri-series, that was concluded few days ago, Nepali supporters not only cheered for their team but also applause the opponent as well. The fans cheered for every opponent’s century and half-century.

In this course, Oman’s Aqib Ilyas has stolen the show. He made a brilliant 109 runs against Nepal which lead to defeat of the home side. However, in spite of the defeat pain, the Nepali fans cheered the centurion and gave him a round of applause. In return, Aqib dedicated his century to Nepali fans and celebrated his ‘Man of the Match’ moment with Nepali fans outside the fence. He also gave away his shirt to the fans and termed this tri-series as ‘Dream Tour’.

Aqib Ilyas sharing his moment with Nepali Fans

In another story of the series, the USA was chasing Nepal’s 191 target. In the course, USA batsman Ian Holland was taking match away from Nepal. He made 75 runs and nearly denied Nepal their first ever ODI win at home. In spite of his dangerous knock, which could have snatched the match away from Nepal, the Nepali fans stood up and applauded his half-century.

The USA lost all their four matches and the Oman won all their four. Nevertheless, the USA took away a lot of love and respect from Nepali fans and the Omani side took eight points as well as a lot of love and respect from the Nepali fans. And the team Nepal gave few records along with four points to the Nepali fans. The Nepal fans have never let down the faith of the team. Let’s hope, in the next Tri-series, the Nepali Team will get similar kind of love and supports from opponents fans as well and come with all eight points.


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