SA 20 Live Stream and TV Channels Details

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Betway SA20 is South Africa’s explosive new T20 cricket league. Dropping 10 January 2023, the League is set to thrill local and international cricket fans and attract new audiences of all ages.

4 weeks, 33 matches, 6 global franchises, 102 world class players (local and global) – SA20 is for cricket diehards, party people, families. 

The League features six privately-owned teams, who will play each other twice in a round-robin stage (home and away) before the semis and final. In all, 33 matches will be played in some of the greatest locations South Africa has to offer: Durban’s Super Giants (Kingsmead), Joburg Super Kings (Wanderers), MI Cape Town (Newlands), Paarl Royals (Boland Park), Pretoria Capitals (Centurion) and Sunrisers Eastern Cape (St George’s Park).

SA 20 Live Stream and TV Channels Details


The details of SA 20 Live Stream and TV Channels are given below.

Fans in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, the Caribbean, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, the US and many other regions can watch the SA20 on

TV Channels like Sports 18 (India), Sky Sports (UK) and SuperSport (South Africa) will telecast all the matches of the SA 20 in different parts of the world.


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SA 20 Live Stream and TV Channels

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