Are Liverpool targeting Manchester City’s “Guard of Honor” ?

Manchester City Guard of Honor to Liverpool is all but sure.

With Liverpool requiring six points to win the title, the Reds played a goal-less draw at Goodison Park on Sunday. Which reduce the required points to five.

Liverpool started with their regular starter Salah on bench and left-back not on subs as well. Liverpool merely made attacks on the home side.

Speculation shows that the Reds might be watching out for “Guard of Honor” from Manchester City at Etihad Stadium in July 3.

With Sunday’s draw, there is higher possibility of Liverpool getting the guard of honor from the defending champions, who snatch the title last year from Liverpool with just a point.

Chelsea could play the major part in this as Manchester City is playing the Blues on Thursday before taking on Liverpool in July 3.

Manchester City Guard of Honor to Liverpool

What are the criteria ?

Manchester City is summing up the game-week 30 with a match against Burnley on Monday and, either a lose or draw or even a win can be beneficial for Liverpool to get guard of honor from the defending champions.

What if Manchester City win against Burnley ?

In case Manchester City wins against Burnely, then Liverpool will need five points to win the title. Three of which can be collected on Wednesday when the Reds will take on Crystal Palace. The remaining two points can be cancelled out by the Blues. A win or a win for Chelsea against City, a day after Liverpool takes on Crystal Palace will crown Liverpool the champions after 30 years.

Then the following game-week, Liverpool-Manchester City will go head-to-head after a guard of honor for the new champions from the defending champions.

What if Manchester City lost or draw to Burnley ?

If Manchester City loses points against the Burnley, then Liverpool will not have to wait for the Blues’ result. A win for Liverpool on Wednesday against Crystal Palace will assure them the league title and also the guard of honor on the following game-week match.

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