BREAKING: Man City could lose their Premier League 2014 Title

The things are going even worse for Pep Guardiola Manchester City as their 2013/14 title is under threat.

With the pain of getting banned from UEFA Champions League for two-seasons still not healed, Manchester City could lose the Premier Title that they won back in 2013/14 under Manuel Pellegrini. Manchester City are banned from any UEFA based tournaments fro breaching FFP rules.

City had won the Premier League for the second time in 2014, beating Liverpool by just two points. However, if they receive a backdated points deduction, they could be forced to return their title. It is reported that the Premier League are inquiring over any potential breaches of the rules, and could take action themselves. However, the club has deny the allegation.

Premier League rules are less stringent than UEFA’s, allowing losses of £105million over three seasons but rely on the figures submitted by the clubs.

Back in 2014, the Reds came so close to winning it all in 2014, but an unfortunate slip from Steven Gerrard allow Chelsea’s Ba to score a goal and were eventually defeated by Chelsea and lost title to City.

Man City could lose their Premier League 2014 Title


Now, Manchester City will have to restructure their finances completely, potentially leading to the sale of leading players such as Raheem Sterling, Kevin De Bruyne and Aymeric Laporte.

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