ICC Cricket World Cup 2019; Are you ready?

With only four days left for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, all the teams are busy honing their performance. It’s obvious every team is going to play with all the might and main to mark their presence in the tournament and also make the difference as title contender. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is going to start from 30th May 2019 at London and the world will be keep closing eyes in every teams.  The Final will be played on 14th July when the new World Champion will be determined.

However, it’s not going to be a piece of cake to make the way to final for any team and each one will be going through uphill task to manage to make the difference. This time world cup will be hosted with only 10 teams competing and each team will be playing with all other teams, all being seeded in the same group.

The top four from the group will make the way to the Semi final. With only 10 teams playing the world, it is gaining worldwide criticism, including from the legend players across the globe stating the trend of 10 teams as a step down step as the associate nations were left of no options to make their space in the much anticipated international cricket tournament. It means the tournament will feature no any associate nations though the cricketing culture is flourishing in the nations like Nepal, UAE, Hong Kong and many others.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan which is the rapidly developing cricketing nation is going to make much difference and going to be tough barricades for the title contenders such as Australia, India, Pakistan and England. So, Afghanistan is going to be the dark horse in the tournament. Meanwhile, the likes of New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and West Indies are not going to let it make easier as these teams can turn the tournament in any moment and these teams cannot be easily neglected.

Defending Champions Australia seems to be well shaped with the returning of former Captain Steve Smith and David Warner who were banned for a year for ball tampering and both of them has already proved they have returned better. Steve Smith has been stunning in last three warm up matches. Also, New Zealand thumped India by 6 wickets on Sunday to mark as the team to watch too.

Which team is going to prove as the World Champion can be only known after going through the tournament. Every teams seem ready to lock the horns with one another in this big tournament with many new looks who will change the game and leaving a good impact.

Which team are you supporting? Who you think will be the player to watch in the tournament making the most impacts? And What’s your view regarding the World Cup without Associate nations?More importantly, which team are you supporting? Are you ready for the tournament? If not, you ought better be, the goosebumps giving tournament is now going to kick off.

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