How to unlock Carlo Character in PUBG Mobile for Free? (3 Ways)

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Have you ever think to unlock Carlo Character in PUBG Mobile for Free ? You might have but gave up due to lack of idea to do so, right ? Then you are at the right place now. We will show you how to unlock Carlo Character in PUBG Mobile for free.

PUBG Mobile is ruling the gaming community right now. Due to the lockdown in most of the part of the world and with not much work to do, most of the people are engaged in PUBG Mobile. It will be more entertaining when you get chance to play selecting your favorite character in the game.

There are generally 5 characters in the game. The first one is the default one. The second one is Victor which is unlocked for all the users. The other remaining three characters need unlocking. The other characters are Sara, Carlo and Andy. The Andy character is the latest one to be introduced.

What are the ways to unlock those characters ?

PUBG Mobile provides a special vouchers to the players during different events and the voucher is called character voucher. A player can buy those characters using those character vouchers.

Similarly, those characters can also be unlocked via UC as well. But buying the characters using UC is not affordable for all the players.

Sara: 600 Character Vouchers or 600 UC

Carlo: 1200 Character Vouchers or 600 UC

Andy: 1200 Character Vouchers or 600 UC

How to unlock Carlo Character in PUBG Mobile for Free?

Everyone would love to get those characters without spending a penny. But you might have given up after not getting the ultimate solution. We have come up with not one, not two but with three solutions to these.

1. Using Different Apps

We have already discussed in the previous article on how to earn free UC using different apps. You can simply use those apps and get free UC from which you can ultimately get your favorite characters. The most reliable and trusted apps are mGamer app, dGamer app and EZMoney app. You can get more information about those apps here, where the payment proofs are also presented.

From those apps, you can simply complete the few surveys and tasks and boom, you will be awarded with UCs. You can use those UC is buying royal pass, crate opening, spinning and many more.

2. Bonus Challenge

PUBG Mobile has come up with many features. One of the greatest features is Bonus Challenge. You can get free UC from Bonus Challenge. Bonus Challenge is simply a feature in PUBG Mobile where you can participate in different challenges and earn the battle coins. From those battle coins, you can get UC for free. You can redeem 100 UC for every 1000 battle coins.

In this challenge, you have to register for a challenge with a bonus challenge voucher. You can register either for a TDM matches or even for the classic matches. For every kills in any of those matches, you will be awarded with certain battle coins. Similarly, for winning the match, you will be awarded with huge amount of extra coins.

With those coins, you can get enough UC and ultimately get your favorite PUBG Mobile characters, be it Sara or Carlo or even Andy.

3. Gathering Character Vouchers

This process is takes a bit more time but it is worthy. PUBG Mobile often comes up with new events and challenges. In most of the events and challenges, they are providing certain number of character vouchers.

The events or challenges could be completing certain number of matches or killing certain enemies and many more. Some examples are given below:

unlock Carlo Character in PUBG Mobile for Free.

unlock Carlo Character in PUBG Mobile for Free.

PUBG comes up with such offers often, so just keep on checking the even section every day and try to complete it. You can surely collect the required amount of vouchers to get your favorite characters in the PUBG Mobile.


This is all for the method to unlock Carlo Character in PUBG Mobile for Free. You can use any of those methods to get your favorite character unlocked. Stay with us for more interesting stuffs and articles.

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