Top 3 apps to get PUBG Mobile UC for free

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Everyone wishes to get some PUBG Mobile UC without spending penny. Here we have brought you the top 3 apps to get PUBG Mobile UC for free. With UC in the game, you can get many things including royal pass. Have you ever think of getting those UC for free?

Do you think it is possible to get some PUBG Mobile UC without spending the real money ? Do you think you can buy royal pass from the UC that are not brought paying dollars of money ? If you are wondering if it is possible or not, then here we will clear your doubt.

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Yes, obviously you can get ample amount of UC not paying any dollars but by playing few games, completing surveys and tasks from certain apps. The list of top 3 apps to get PUBG Mobile UC for free are given below:

Top 3 apps to get PUBG Mobile UC for free

Okay, let’s go to the main target of this post. Generally, there are numerous apps which claims to be giving unlimited UC and certain amount of UC. However, most of them are fake and span. Use of those app may result in losing you PUBG account and other logged in accounts.

Therefore, before jumping into any apps, make sure those are trustworthy to use. Today, I am discussing about the 3 apps, which I have used and collected PUBG Mobile UC. Let’s go to the top 3 apps to get PUBG Mobile UC for free now:

1. mGamer – Win Free Diamonds, UC, Royal Pass & Cash

Size: 13M

Installs: 1,000,000+

Requires Android: 5.0 and up

Content Rating: Rated for 3+

mGamer app is an android based application which generally provide free game currency of your favorite mobile games (PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Lords Mobile). The application is named as mGamer –  Win Free Diamonds, UC, Royal Pass & Cash in google play store. You can download the app directly from the play store or download from the below link.

How to earn PUBG UC from this app ?

Among the other three apps, I would prefer you to use mGamer application. It offers more UC for less number of coins (earned in the app). The coins can be earned in the mGamer app by installing different apps, playing games, playing quiz and many more.

In this app, it offers 8 UC for total of 1000 coins. Similarly, it offers 35 UC for 4000 coins and 75 UC for 7900 coins. You can earn thousands of coins by installing and playing few games from the mGamer app.

UC Payment Proof

I have been using this app and it is totally trustworthy. UC transfer may take from 24 hours to 48 hours or even 72 hours but this app pays the earned UC to the user.

Here is the proof of the payment:

2. dGamer – Get Game Credits

Top 3 apps to get PUBG Mobile UC for free.

Size: 13M

Installs: 1,000,000+

Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Content Rating: Rated for 3+

Alike mGamer application, this dGamer app offers number of PUBG Mobile UC in the exchange of coins earned inside the app. Just like in mGamer application, you can perform different tasks, complete different surveys, play games to earn those coins and exchange it for PUBG UC. dGamer app also offers diamonds for Free Fire and for other games as well.

How does this app work ?

There are numerous tasks and surveys inside the dGamer application. You can complete those tasks and surveys to earn the coins which later can be exchanged with PUBG UC. Most of the tasks in this app is similar to that of mGamer, therefore if you are able to use mGamer app then you can easily earn another big amount of coins here in dgamer app.

However, in comparison to mGamer, this app offers lesser amount of UC for even more amount of coins. With 6000 coins, you can only get 40 UC and for 75 UC, you need to have 11000 coins which is 7900 coins in mGamer. However, you can use this app to earn additional amount of UC after completing tasks in mGamer.

UC Payment Proof

Unlike mGamer app, this app transfer the UC a bit late in the account. But is trustworthy. I have collected some UC from this app as well. You can see the proof of the transaction in the picture below:

Top 3 apps to get PUBG Mobile UC for free.

3. EZMoney : Free Gift Cards & In-Game Currency

Size: 10.78M

Installs: 10,000+

Requires Android: Almost all

Content Rating: Rated for 4.5+

This app is quite new in the market. The app is very easy to use, however it offers very less tasks which makes it difficult for user to get enough coins. In this app as well, you will get your UC transferred in the exchange of the coins earned in the app.

How to earn coins ?

With limited numbers of tasks, it is very difficult here to collect enough coins for the UC. However, by logging in daily into the app, you will earn 15 coins daily. Similarly, every 3 hours, you can scratch 3 coupons and you can earn further more coins.

As it is difficult to earn coins here, it offers more UC for lesser number of coins. You can get 60 UC for just 900 coins.

These are the top 3 apps to get PUBG Mobile UC for free. You can get as much as PUBG Mobile UC from these apps and all of these app are fully trustworthy. You can simply download any of these app and start earning coins and convert it to the UC.


These are the three apps that I have used and get UC for my PUBG account. Therefore I listed them in the top 3 apps to get PUBG Mobile UC for free. There might be other apps as well which are giving UC for free. However, for now these three are the best and top 3 apps to get PUBG Mobile UC for free and use those UC for buying royal pass and other many activities.

From the author

This article was written after checking all those apps and their payment proofs. You can try any of these apps to get PUBG Mobile UC for free. If you have tried any of these apps and collected UC, don’t forget to type it below in the comment box, so that other users gain trust towards those apps.

Note: We don’t take any responsibility and ownership of any of these apps. Those apps are available in google and we have just included the user expericence of those apps.

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