Garena Free Fire: The ultimate mobile battle royale

Free Fire

Garena Free Fire

The mobile battles games have been largely popular among the game lovers, showing a wide scope for the gamers and lots of entertainment and thrilling actions for any game lover.  This has created more challenges for the game developers to keep striding with the time and they are getting better too. Garena Free Fire has been today’s leading game with more than 500 million downloads in the play store. Yet the fight between Pubg and Freefire is always there in terms of the mobile battle games and each update of these games bring more enthusiasm and thrillers each time.

Size: 46M

Installs: 500,000,000+

Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up

Content Rating: Rated for 12+Moderate Violence

Garena Free Fire as Top gross and top free game

 Free Fire is a bigger mobile battle royale as Pubg mobile or Fortnite mobile. It was released in December 2017and since has been widely popular with gross more than $90 million in revenue. It also won the title of the most downloaded game on iOS and Android in 2019. It leads in the top gross and top free games list. It was released by Garena, a Singaporean developer that’s mainly focused on the South Asian market, yet has been a boon for the game lovers that might be either beginners or the professionals.  Its popularity has certainly impacted the gaming areas attracting many and helping them to develop.

Garena Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooting game, where a squad of four (or you can just prefer solo) compete against others in the battle of 50 players and view for the victory by standing the last alive.  Players fall freely in a map in the parachute where each seeks the survival by killing others and prevent own self from being killed. Ambush, snipe, free fire and survive is the goal and co-ordination with the team is inevitable.

The short time of 10 minutes survival makes it even more intense and more thrilling among the players and one may want to ensure to catch the safe zone as fast as possible.  The game can be played in solo, duo or the squad mode with two maps in the classic mode which is chosen randomly unlike Pubg.

Garena Free Fire is More Compatible

The game’s graphics, controls have been widely applauded. Its viable nature in most of the devices is the best feature, occupying only 578 MB space. Its speed and free of lagging as other games helps it to top the list and being easily accessible in the lower quality devices and also the swift nature in the devices is boon of the game.  Realistic and smooth graphics makes the game even livelier.

Likewise, the game includes of the characters and the pets which can be activated and upgraded using the diamonds. Unlike other games, it often provides free diamonds making it easier for anyone to upgrade themselves in the lobby. However, weapon skins and all other customization items don’t give bonuses that will help you win but don’t you think the wide variety of the skins and appearances makes it cooler?

Basic things to look for, especially for beginners

  1. Land safe and get yourself first prepared with the weapons and other necessities
  2. Look at the mini-map, get yourself comfort in the safe zone
  3. Camping is okay; at last what matters is BOOYAH!
  4. Eat the mushrooms which grant the EP points which helps in restoring the health points.
  5. Make quick movements,  remaining still may be what the enemies would be looking for.

Free Fire keeps adding new features and making it better bringing even more experiences in the game which keeps the gamers even more enthusiastic.  Various recent updates have been made including new maps, new characters, and new modes. So get the game and enjoy it. It is free.

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