Former FIFA Referee Sudish Pandey making mark in Australia

Former FIFA Referee Sudish Pandey, who was honored as the best referee in Nepal back in 2019 officiated the recently concluded “Masa Christmas Cup 2020” in Australia. The final match was played on December 31.

Various teams from Asia including National Premier League (NPL) players along with other national players from various nations played in the tournament.

Pandey officiated the opening match of the tournament and also the final match along with other important matches during the tournament. It was his first appointment in Melbourne from referee assessor from football Victoria.

Sharing his experience, the veteran Nepali referee insisted that all the matches there in Australia were completely different from matches in Nepal, both Physically and Technically. He also thanked Football Victoria and Referee Instructor for giving him the opportunity to officiate the tournament.

Sudish Pandey travelled to Australia back in 2019 to officiate the Kandel Consultancy Cup in Melbourne and has been struck there after Covid-19 outbreak. According to Pandey, he will return Nepal as soon as the aviation in Australia becomes normal.

This is not the first tournament that Sudish Pandey has officiated in foreign soil. He has been one of the promising referee in South Asia. He has officiated the SAFF Championships and many international friendly matches which didn’t involve Nepal.

He has also officiated the opening match of Bangabandhu Gold Cup in Bangladesh back in 2019.

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