Can Nepal still qualify for the next round in ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers ?

With the loss in the first match of the ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers campaign, many questions have been raising regarding Nepal’s chances to reach the next round. As Qatar had lost its first match, there is still a chance of Nepal to go through. But, it is not that much easy as it seems.

Till now, in the points table, Nepal is at the bottom with zero points. Kuwait has 1 point. Qatar and Malaysia have 2-2 points each. Singapore leads the table with 3 points. Singapore and Kuwait had shared 1-1 points each as their match was abandoned due to rain.

Can Nepal still Qualify?

The simple answer is Yes. Yes, Nepal can still qualify but Nepal must win all their remaining 3 matches, which is against the stronger opponents. Nepal will take on Malaysia in the second match. In a recent Malaysia tour, Nepal had defeated the host in both matches played. But Nepal narrowly defeated Malaysia in the second match. Therefore, Malaysia’s task will be much more tough for Nepal in the qualifiers.

Only wins in all those three matches is not sufficient for Nepal. In order to make sure about the qualification, Nepal must win all the matches with quite a good margin. Otherwise, the other team’s match result will have to be considered.

Nepal will take on Malaysia tomorrow (24th July) with the weather also looming for the Nepali team as there is a chance of rain during the match.

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